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Sorry, this site is only in german.
It is only made for your information, the concerts are not for sale. It contains tracklists and band-line-ups
of many concerts and you can find interesting listings of different

festivals & concert-series

The video-list shows the collection of my concert-videos-recordings, format VHS or DVD. You can find
ROCKPALAST- and ROCKLIFE - concerts here, but also many recordings of other TV-broadcast-recordings,

The CD-list shows the collections of my concert-audio-recordings, format CD Audio (CD-R). You can find many stereo-
radio-broadcastings here, for example all recordings of the ROCKPALAST-"Rocknights", Grugahalle Essen 1977 to 1986
and Loreley-Festivals (Germany). This list also contains concert bootlegs, soundboard-recordings and some

 TV-video-recordings made as audio.

To each concert you can find information about quality, place and date, tracklists and
band line-ups. If you've got corrections please let me know!
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This site contains all the shows I unfortunately don't have.



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