Hamburg, Markthalle, 10.01.1980

90 min, DVD, PAL, 4 : 3, mono, Qualität: 1

Quelle: VHS (von TV 1. Generation)
DVD mit Menü und Song Select
Anmerkung: Es handelt sich um die TV Wiederholung "Rockpalast Classics". Die rot markierten Tracks wurden nicht gesendet.


01. Ansage Alan Bangs
02. For Shame of doing wrong
03. Strange Affair
04. Hard Luck Stories
05. Crying in the Rain
06. Standing waiting for you
07. Pavanne
08. Band Introduction
09. Sunny Viesta
10. Don't let a Thief steal into your Heart
11. Lonely Nights
12. Sisters
13. Civilation/ Pipeline
14. Night comes in
15. I'm a Dreamer
16. Living on borrowed Time
17. On the Road again
18. I want to see the bright Lights tonight
19. No particular Place to go
20. And then he kissed me


Richard Thompson - Guitars Vocals
Linda Thompson - Vocals
Simon Nicol - Guitars
Dave Pegg - Bass Guitar
Michael Spencer-Arscott - Drums

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